ryanair - It's time to explore

Ryanair has changed the way we look at flying. They've made travel so cheap, so easy, so convenient, you don't have to travel to see the big tourist destinations. With Ryanair, you can travel for your own reasons, travel on a whim. And that means it's time to explore.

AD: Bronco Wewer

CD: Marc Voshall (Voshall Marketing)

CW: Nathaniel Mayer

TVC: "Manifesto"

Print: "It's time to explore"

Guerilla: "Explore at will"

Because there’s so much out there that needs seeing, we create a contest to help people discover these new, out of the way places. Instead of giving exact directions, we find themes around locations in places Ryanair finds. For one month, users can compete to be the first to visit all of them, spreading their adventures on Ryanair’s social media accounts. Each post is rewarded with a chance to win a free flight, and the first person to visit the three places of the month receives a year of free travel.

Digital: "Travel Bingo"

Ryanair is about flying cheap, flying easily, and making every journey an adventure. Flying Ryanair doesn't need to be over-planned or over-analyzed, all you have to do is go. To spread this message, we create automatic ticket vending machines in public areas, like train stations or bus stops. These machines will sell tickets at a steep discount for flights leaving in the next 48 hours, reminding passers-by that going on a Ryanair adventure is as easy as buying a ticket.